The Potentate's Message

Greetings Nobles and ladies:

I consider it a great privilege to serve Medinah as Potentate. I have worked hard to try and insure a successful year for Medinah, but I need your help. Membership has been a pressing issue for years. Many of our brothers are suffering in this economic climate. “The Sunshine Fund” has been created to allow those of us fortunate enough to have adequate income, assist brothers less fortunate to maintain their membership. I am asking you to consider your circle of close friends and neighbors. If they are your friends, wouldn’t they make good Shriners? Ask them! Yes, it’s perfectly OK to ask a man if he is interested in being a Shriner. Direct him to the website, where he will find much helpful information about Masonry and the Shrine. If you are uncomfortable in asking, have your lady talk to him or his lady. There are many fine, upstanding men who would make great Shriners if only asked.

Thank you for placing your confidence in me. I will do my best to live up to your expectations. Peggy and I look forward to greeting you at the many events during the year.

Yours in the Faith,

Paul D. Barber