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Medinah Shrine Living Past Potentates

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1977 Charles M. Larson
1986 Burt A. Polk Helen
1987 Gene W. Strutz Eddie
1988 Richard H. Tracy Nadyne
1989 Roger W. Schoner June
1990 Robert E. Peterson Lorraine
1993 Donald B. Engleson
1994 William H. Bock Pat
1995 R. Steve Sandeman Susan
1996 James B. Stoner Judy
1998 Roger A. Kuipers Eloise
1999 Clifford C. Chapman Audrey
2000 Robert O. Kuehn Natalie
2001 Stewart B. Smith
2002 Melvin A. Hankins Barbara
2004 John "Jack" Zimmerman Dee
2006 Robert A. Alley Janet
2007 Wilbur Schenk Judy
2008 Kenny Frank Arlene
2009 Ronald R. W. Stephen Carol
2010 Jerry L.Wilson Pat Biedar 
2011 Paul D. Barber Peggy
2012 Steven A. Schenk
2013 Donald R. Marquardt Sherrill
2014 Frederick J. Martin Jeannie
2016 Craig C. Stimpert Paula

Past Potentate

Once I was the Great I Am,
to whom all lesser lights salaam,
respected, honored and obeyed,
an impressive sight when on parade.

My word was law none dare gainsay,
my slightest wish, supreme my sway,
I was a man of high estate -

Time marches on, another day
another Pote holds magic sway.

There was a time - the Noble mob
could see no future in the job.

But now The Cabiri, tried and true
Past Potentate all, not raw nor new,
united for service to Temple and Shrine
that the lights of Mecca may ever shine.