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The Medinah Police Unit originated in the early 1930's with a few Chicago Police Officers under the leadership of Captain Joseph "Cold Water" Johnson. He instituted a membership drive and shortly thereafter, we had over thirty members.

In the years that followed, our Unit was invited to many conventions throughout North America. We marched in all of the parades and provided security, when requested.

In 1956, Captain Al Anderson of the Chicago Police Department was named by the Potentate to head the Unit.

Membership increased dramatically and the first official uniform was established for all marching Nobles.

In 1975, the Potentate named Noble Richard Elrod, the Sheriff of Cook County, as the new head of the Police Unit. Under his guidance, the Unit doubled its membership, and attendance of Nobles at Shrine functions dramatically increased.

In 2002, Denny Meyer, a retired Illinois State Police Lieutenant took over the Unit. He redefined the membership rules, instituted a high standard of conduct, and introduced a number of changes that have brought professionalism to the Unit.

Today, under the able leadership of Chief Pete Smith, retired Deputy Chief of Police of Elmhurst, we continue to prosper both in numbers and stature. We are a viable Parade Unit. We participate in Medinah's parades, provide security at selected Medinah functions, and provide fellowship with fellow Law Enforcement Officers from many different jurisdictions.

If you are a Noble, and an active/retired Law Enforcement Officer (local, state or federal) we'd like to invite you to become a member of a Unit that has a long and proud tradition.

If you profess an interest in Law Enforcement, but do not meet the above requirements, we welcome you as an Associate Member.

For more information contact:

Chief Pete Smith