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The Roundy Jewel Award

This award was named after Frank C. Roundy who was the 10th Potentate of Medinah and became the first Past Potentate of Medinah to become an Imperial Potentate.

The Roundy Jewel Award is given to Nobles for achieving a certain number of points associated with recruiting new members and/or restoring former members.

You most likely have seen your fellow Nobles wearing a red, green and yellow ribbon with a jewel hanging from it at certain Medinah events...that is The Roundy Jewel.

Points required for each Roundy Level

Basic Roundy Jewel 500 pts
Red Bar added 750 pts
Yellow Bar added 1,000 pts
Emerald Star added 1,500 pts
Gemstone added each additional 1,000 pts

Acquiring Points

Candidates - 1st line signer 50 points, 2nd line signer 25 points
(new Nobles only; and as a member of Medinah upon initiation)

Affiliation - 1st line signer 25 points, 2nd line signer 25 points
(demits from his original shrine and joins Medinah)
Restoration - 1st line signer 25 points, 2nd line signer 25 points
(return to member in good standing from a demit or suspension)
Associate - 1st line signer 15 points, 2nd line signer 10 points
(retains membership with his original shrine aka dual member)