Onion Sales


The new crop of Vidalia Onions are here!   Under the direction of our Potentate William Kissane and John “JAY JAY” Joseph, his 2018 Onion Chairman, members of the Medinah Shrine Clubs and Units are busy selling onions at various locations starting today.

This year Medinah Shrine Club members expect to sell around 70,000 lbs. of the Georgia delicacy.  Proceeds of the sale will be used to raise funds for various Shrine operations including special activity clubs and parade units.   The annual Vidalia onion sale, serves as one of the main fund raisers for the Medinah Shriners.   

A 10 lb. bag of Vidalia’s will sell for $11.00.  You can get two 10 lb. bags for $20 or a half bag for $6.  Because the onions come direct from the field of the grower, freshness is expected to last from 4 to 6 months. 

The Shriners are selling onions to the public on Friday, May 18th with additional sales on both Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th.

Locations list:  2018-Onion-Sale-Locations-5-2018.

Recipe Book, print one for yourself! Onion Recipe Book

According to John “JAY JAY” Joseph, Medinah’s 2018 Onion Chairman, “Everybody loves these onions.”  The Vidalia strain is the sweetest and most flavorful variety.  Best of all, they stay fresh for a long time and don’t make you tear up when you peel or cut them.  You can use them raw for hot dogs, brauts and hamburgers … or get creative and make a knockout onion soup or put them in tin foil with a pad of butter and put them on the grill!