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Why become a Shriner?

Three good reasons: Fun, Fellowship and Philanthropy. The Shriners are an organization that grew out of the Masons over a century ago by men who wanted to take their fraternity to a new level. By stressing fun and fellowship more than ritual, they hoped to create something special. They did, and when they started to build hospitals that treat children with burns and joint problems, they formed one of the greatest philanthropies ever.

By joining you can be a part of something that has helped thousands of people throughout the years, and have fun doing it! Along with helping others and each other, Shriners value a good time. The friendships built will always be with you, as will the knowledge of what you’ve accomplished by being a Shriner. Just go to any Shriner parade and you’ll see the good time had by the Shriners and those who attend.

Parades aren’t the only thing Shriners do together, though. Each Temple has various groups and units within it, and there is something for everyone! There are even groups for the wives and daughters of Shriners. There is always something there to help you grow as a person and help the community around you.


Membership Requirements

You must be a Master Mason in a Lodge recognized by or in amity with the Conference of Grand Masters of North America before you can become a Shriner. The third and final degree of Freemasonry can be completed at a Masonic Lodge, sometimes referred to as a Blue Lodge. After attaining this, many Masons opt to become Shriners. To join, you need only ask a member of the Masonic Lodge, or if you are already a Mason, ask a Shriner from the local Temple. Then an interview will be set up so the process can begin, which includes forms like those below. If you are having trouble finding the lodges or temples, this website can help, or attendance of an event or parade will get you in touch with the Shriners.

If you wish to join please contact us via either of the following methods: