Fraternal Status Definitions:

Affiliation – Any noble who has previously demitted from his mother temple and then rejoins his mother temple, or any other temple. **Owes hospital assessment & per capita if demit is not the same year as affiliation.

Associate – Member of any temple who associates with an additional temple or temples.  Pays hospital assessment & per capita in mother temple only.

Demit – When a noble relinquishes his membership in a Temple.  Any noble who demits must be in good standing and would return to membership as an affiliation.

Restoration – The return of all rights of membership to a noble who has been suspended from membership.  **Owes hospital assessment & per capita.


Click on the links below to download and print the petitions.

Medinah Membership Petition

Affiliation – Demit Petition

Associate Membership Petition

Restoration Petition

Application for Demit