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Black Camel List

Medinah Shrine Nobles Visited By The Black Camel

Death is a solemn visitor, and fills our hearts with sadness. Although we know he is a messenger from God to summon our loved ones from the troubled cares of this world to a life of peace and rest, that he has sent to all the myriads who have gone before, and will soon come to us with all that is promised in the Great Light of Truth yet he is unwelcome.

Solemn because irrevocable is the reality of the lesson taught by the Scythe of Time, which cuts the brittle thread of life and launches us into eternity. We are sad because one so near and dear to us by fraternal ties is gone.

The wise and beneficent Author of nature intended, by the endowment of our senses and sympathies, that we should be social creatures enjoying the society and friendship of one another. It is the breaking of these ties, the loss of companionship and the sudden ending of all association with our departed brother, that plunges us into woe and regret.

Randall W Becker
William E Betke
Henry A Bettenhausen
John P Bolland
William A Childers
James J Corolis
David J Cunningham Jr.
Harold S Dalzell
Wayne J Deporto
James F Dolezal
James W Dunn
Harvey A Falk Jr.
James W Follmer
Bernard F Gerard III
James A Gerloff
Robert E Hopper
Charles R Horwitz
George W Hoskins
Hubert C Howard
Richard J Hurbanis
Larry S James
Stephen R James
Walter J Jones
Fred S Kaufman
William G Knight
Charles F Long
Robert Donald Long
James C Lyman
Bruce A Maxwell
Kenneth F McGill
Frederick L Montgomery
William C Morgan
Anthony J Morizzo
Miles James Mraz
Lawrence S Mroczkowski
John E Nygard
Ralph C Olsen
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos
Richard S Pepper
James W Preston
Juan Reyes III
James A Ruzicka
Sherwood H Sadler
Richard C Schmied
William C Sloup Jr.
Henry L Soukup
Donald C Starks
Rolla L Sullens
John A. Thompson
Kenneth O Toftoy
Constantine N Tsourmas
Lewis K Williams
John Haldane “Jack” Wilson
Edward F Zinke