Divan & Aides

In the context of the Shrine, the Divan is the “Board of Directors” or “Executive Council” of the organization, and serves as the management team for both fraternal and business activities of the Temple. Each Shrine Temple has its own Divan, and the minimum number of Divan members is set by Imperial by-laws at seven, with each of these being elected by the Nobility (membership). Therefore, all Shrine Temples have at least seven members on the Divan, but some have more. For most temples that have more than seven members on the Divan, the additional positions are usually appointed by the Potentate. Like most Masonic organizations, the Divan is usually a “progressive” line, which means that one new person is appointed or elected to the line each year, the other members of the Divan move “up” one position, and the top man retires from the line and becomes a Past Potentate. In addition, two more elected officers are considered part of the Divan, namely the Recorder and Treasurer. These two officers, however, are not usually part of the “progressive” line, and may serve in the same office for more than one year (if so elected).

Each position in the line has it’s own title, derived from Arabic tradition, and each has it’s own set of defined duties and responsibilities. Potentates (both past and present) are addressed as “Illustrious Sir”, Imperial Potentates (both past and present) and members of the Imperial Divan are addressed as “Imperial Sir”, while all other Shriners are addressed as “Noble”. Assuming an individual is re-appointed and/or re-elected to the Divan each year, in the time it takes to move up from Oriental Guide to Potentate, he will have had exposure to and responsibility for every aspect of Medinah Shriners operation.


Past Potentate

Once I was the Great I Am, to whom all lesser lights salaam, respected, honored and obeyed, an impressive sight when on parade.
My word was law none dare gainsay, my slightest wish, supreme my sway, I was a man of high estate – THE ILLUSTRIOUS POTENTATE.
Time marches on, another day another Pote holds magic sway.
There was a time – the Noble mob, could see no future in the job.
But now The Cabiri, tried and true. Past Potentate all, not raw nor new, united for service to Temple and Shrine that the lights of Mecca may ever shine.


Shrine Clubs

Our list of clubs include the Antique Car Club, Medinah Golf, Medinah Marauders, Mini Choppers, NexGen, Photography, Sportsmen, as well as Aurora, Country, DuPage, Fox Valley, Joliet, Kankakee, Lake County, Morris,  NW Glenbrook, Northwest Suburban, Old Chicago,  South West Side, and West Suburban.


Shrine Committees

Our committees include the Management Committee, Fraternal Relations and Ceremonials.


Shrine Parade Units

Our parade units include Director of Units & Committees, Assistant Director, Parade Marshal, Assistant Parade Marshal, Amateur Radio, Aviators, Big Wheels, Black Horse Troop, Brass Band, Chanters, Clowns, Fire, Flying Carpets, Highlanders, Marshals, Military, Motor Corps, Oriental Band, Patrol, and Police.